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Awaken Your Energy Body with Edd Edwards


 In this brief video, viewers get a first taste of the personality and fascinating story behind Edd Edwards. Edd is an energetic medicine specialist and photographer "from the country." His remarkable abilities have been tested and verified, again and again, by the scientific community in labs across the United States. 

"I've never seen anything like that, in anybody," says physicist Dr. William Levengood in the video clip above. In 1994, Dr. Levengood coined Edd's ability to modulate energy fields "Bio Intrinsic Resonant Energy," and since then Edd has been the subject of multiple scientific studies. He is a unique and singular energy healer in that he has been verified, time and again, under scientific scrutiny.

Evolver Learning Lab is thrilled have Edd join us for "Awaken Your Energy Body: Healing Practices for Everyday Life," a live, interactive video course. This three part course begins Tuesday, June 19th.

Edd will demonstrate his abilities from the comfort of your own homes, teaching students how to activate their body's own capacity for self-healing and transformation.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to work with one of the world's most scientifically verified energy healers!

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