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Original Thinking With Glenn Aparicio Parry

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What comes to your mind with the word "thinking?" Did you know that thinking is related to the word thanking in many languages? In the modern world we associate thought with abstraction. The absent-minded professor. But thinking can be realized as a state of embrace with the world, a connection with Nature.

In this video, author Glenn Aparicio Parry of Original Thinking: A Radical ReVisioning of Time, Humanity and Nature explains what Original Thinking is and how we can reclaim it: 

“Original thinking is a reclamation project. It’s a restoring, a re-membering of the whole. The fabric of our consciousness is reconnected to its true source, which is nature. It is a unitive consciousness between ancient mind and modern mind. Between the rational and the intuitive. It is a wider and a wiser form of consciousness."

The Evolver Learning Lab is pleased to be hosting a new class with Glenn in May, 2015. Please see our Calendar page to learn more.

Learn more about Gleen Aparicio Parry on his homepage 

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