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Alex Grey on Building a Sacramental Culture

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Last night, we were honored to have on Alex Grey and Allyson Grey for our last session of "Buddhism Meets Psychedelics," a four-part class. I wanted to share with you a gem that Alex Grey discerned on the meaning of what he and Allyson call "Sacramental Culture":

“Buddhism is a way of seeing the world. Visionary art is a lens or way of seeing the world, reality, or multidimensional reality. This is one of the elements that takes it out of simply being a style. It’s the most accurate representation of these dimensions of sacramental awareness that the artists are capable of at this time. What makes it a sacred art is that the artists are having mystical experiences, and are attempting to report them. This is a transmission of a kind of visionary, mystical experience. I think that’s the highest value visionary art has, to share with the tribe the inspiration and insight that you’ve been given, as a gift in these visionary experiences”.

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