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Dennis McKenna Talks on Reconnecting to Plant Intelligence

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"We are plants, in a certain sense," begins Dennis Mckenna in this video interview, "we get from our diet these neurotransmitter precursors, that our body can convert into neurotransmitters. Were it not for the plants at that level, we wouldn't have these functions". In this video, Dennis is interviewed by David Ellenbogen about the importance of plants on human consciousness, indigenous spirituality and our well-being of the human body and larger ecosystems. 

We're excited to have Dennis McKenna joining Evolver Learning Lab for a 5-week course, "What Plants Can Teach You, Part 2", starting this December. In 2014, Dennis joined us for the first series of classes featuring experts like FOX's "Medicine Hunter" Chris Kilham, biomimicry researcher Dayna Baumeister, and prolific scholar of plant intelligence Stephen Buhner. 

In this exciting, in-depth follow-up to the first class in 2014, discover how to apply insights from the emerging "intelligent nature" paradigm to your life with the field's leading pioneers. Session dates and guest speaker announcements forthcoming. Learn more about it here.

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