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Alberto Villoldo

Exclusive 10-Part Video Course

When we hear spirit calling, we must say yes.

In this 10-part self-directed video series from renowned Shamanic medicine expert, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, an ancient call for wisdom is answered. Villaldo’s many years of field study and profound, spiritual experience come to bear in this series, which itself is a shamanic journey, and one you can keep and revisit throughout your life.

We have so much information, so little spiritual experience and thus, so little true wisdom in our Western culture. Shamans were the first technicians of the sacred and they understood the workings of heaven and earth. And Shamans existed everywhere in our world -- from Iceland to Czech Republic to New Zealand. Things we are just discovering in science right now have been known to shamans and intrinsic to shamanism for 30,000 years. (NOTE: this is the earliest known burial of a shaman, and the practices could predate this by 20,000 additional years.)

How did we lose our way? Why is the Western world so disconnected from spirit?

Dream a New World into Being

The first thing a shaman does is heal our sense of belonging and connection. Are we lonely even in a crowded room? Are we experiencing chronic fog and tiredness? Do we procrastinate with the things that mean the most to us?  The spirit world remains an untapped resource for healing ourselves and our world. Throughout this video course, you will gain precise ancient knowledge, a rich and deep understanding for how to implement ancient tools and you will become wise in the breadth of these practices. And most importantly, this course will allow you to connect to your spirit allies and protect you from unwanted energies that pull you away from your sacred, unique purpose in this world.

Transform Yourself and Your Livelihood

For those who are interested in changing career paths and to start working in the spiritual realm, this course will serve as a primer course for becoming a spirit worker. This course can serve as the next step to aligning with your calling and devise a greater plan for changing your life. We need more people to join the work of the spirit in order to tip the world into a place of deep connection with our planet and ourselves. Our very existence relies on more of us listening to the call from Spirit, and joining the global community of spirit workers.

The 4 Types of Spirit Medicine

Alberto Villoldo catalogues the four types of spirit medicine: Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Eagle, and teaches how to connect us to these profound energies. With Serpent, how do we shed that which we have outgrown? How do we become reborn? In Jaguar, With the Eagle, with pray for Fearlessness and how to outpace death. Hummingbird: How to drink from the nector of life.

In this video series, you will gain a deep understanding about shamanic practices including:

  • Seeing the Luminous Energy Field

  • How to call on the four types of spirit medicines: serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle

  • How to connect to yourself and the world on the most sacred level

  • What the shaman’s journey beyond death is about

  • The wisdom of infinity and how it can free us and heal us  


By his mid-20s Alberto Villoldo was the youngest clinical professor at San Francisco State University. He was directing the Biological Self-Regulation Laboratory, investigating how energy medicine could change the chemistry of the brain. One day in his laboratory, Alberto realized that his research had to get bigger instead of smaller, that he was looking out of the wrong end of the microscope. He needed to find a system larger than the neural networks of the brain. Many others were already studying the hardware – Alberto wanted to learn to program the mind to create psychosomatic health. Anthropological stories hinted that there were people around the globe who claimed to know such things, including the few remaining “shamans” in today’s modern world.

Alberto traded his laboratory for a pair of hiking boots and a ticket to the Amazon – determined to learn from researchers whose vision had not been confined to the lens of a microscope, from people whose body of knowledge encompassed more than the measurable, material world that he had been taught was the ONLY reality. He wanted to meet the people who sensed the spaces between things and perceived the luminous strands that animate all life. Scattered throughout the Andes and Amazon were a number of sages or “Earth Keepers” who remembered the ancient ways. Alberto traveled through countless villages and hamlets and met with scores of medicine men and women. The lack of a written body of knowledge meant that every village had brought its own flavor and style to the healing practices that still survived.

For more than 10 years, Alberto trained with the jungle medicine people. In healing his own soul wounds, Alberto walked the path of the wounded healer and learned to transform old pain, grief, anger and shame to sources of strength and compassion. From the Amazon, Alberto trekked the coast of Peru, from Nazca, the site of gigantic markings on the desert floor that depict power animals and geometric figures, to the fabled Shimbe lagoons in the North, home to the country’s most renowned shamans. Then, in Lake Titicaca – the Sea on Top of the World – Alberto collected the stories and healing practices of the people from which, the legends say, the Inka were born. Through it all, Alberto discovered a set of technologies that transform the body, heal the soul, and can change the way we live and the way we die. These ancient teachings explain that a Luminous Energy Field (LEF) surrounds us and acts as a matrix or blueprint that maintains the health and vibrancy of the physical body.

Alberto is founder of the world-renowned Four Winds Society and of the Light Body School. In his teachings and writings, he shares the experience of infinity and its ability to heal and transform us, to free us from the temporal chains that keep us fettered to illness, old age and disease.

Alberto is the author of numerous bestselling books, several of which are available in many languages: Power up Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Enlightenment (with David Perlmutter, MD); Shaman, Healer, Sage; The Four Insights; Mending The Past & Healing The Future With Soul Retrieval; Illumination: The Shaman’s Way of Healing; Courageous Dreaming: How Shamans Dream the World into Being; The Four Winds: A Shaman’s Odyssey into the Amazon (with Erik Jendresen); Dance of the Four Winds: Secrets of the Inca Medicine Wheel (with Erik Jendresen); Island of the Sun: Mastering the Inca Medicine Wheel (with Erik Jendresen); Yoga, Power, and Spirit: Patanjali the Shaman; The Realms of Healing (with Stanley Krippner Ph.D.); Healing States: A Journey Into the World of Spiritual Healing and Shamanism (with Stanley Krippner Ph.D.); Skeleton Woman; The First Story Ever Told (with Erik Jendresen).

“The Four Winds is the Harvard of neo-shamanism”

– Harper’s Bazaar


The Four Winds Society offers the world’s most thorough training in Shamanic Energy Medicine combined with cutting-edge practices in nutrition, biology and neuroscience. Over the past 25 years, they have trained and mentored more than 10,000 students from all walks of life – scientists, construction workers, nurses, doctors, psychologists, massage therapists, and others – to dream a new world into being. Their Light Body School offers an Online Energy Medicine Training program, and a Residential Energy Medicine Training program with campuses in the United States, Germany and Chile. Their main campus, Los Lobos Lodge, is nestled in the coastal mountain range adjoining a World Biosphere Preserve in Chile.


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Shamanic Energy Medicine: The Healing Practice of Tomorrow