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with Alberto Villoldo

2 Sessions * March 25 & April 8

8 PM (New York) * 5 PM (Los Angeles) 


Learn the ancient keys for wellness discovered by shamans millennia ago, now verified by the latest science!



The ancient Inka shamans knew how to switch off the “death clock” inside each cell, and turn on the “immortality” genes that reside in password-protected regions of our DNA. Cancer, dementia, and heart disease were rare. The shamans of old were truly masters of prevention. They discovered how each of us could, in effect, grow a new body that allows us to live in extraordinary health. They did this using superfoods and mind-altering states of consciousness that shattered our ordinary notions of space-time. 

In this introduction to the practice of One Spirit Medicine, you will learn ancient, traditional shamanic techniques for "hacking" into your biological system to select for longevity. The ancients understood much about nutrition, about mindfulness, that only now is being appreciated by medical researchers. These are healing practices that anyone can master and they are supported by the latest breakthroughs in modern neuroscience.  

As his many readers and students know well, Alberto Villoldo is a rare teacher -- and bestselling author -- whose expertise as a psychologist and medical anthropologist is matched by a mastery of traditional, indigenous shamanism. Based on 30 years of study with the shamans of the Amazon and the Andes—as well as his own recent journey back from the edge of death— Alberto has distilled his knowledge into a clear and elegant practice, One Spirit Medicine. To truly heal, he explains, we need to return to the original principles and practices of the medicine men and women of old.  

Drawing on his latest book, One Spirit Medicine (coming in May from Hay House), in this live, interactive video course, Alberto will show you how to detoxify the brain and gut, to shed disempowering stories from our past, to forge a profound connection to Spirit and to experience a renewed sense of purpose in life. You will be introduced to a program that weds traditional wisdom with leading edge nutritional science, and learn practical tools you can implement on your own to hit the reset button and pave the way for health.




Years in the making, this course will be the first time that Alberto is unveiling One Spirit Medicine to students online. You will be part of the discussion, able to ask your questions on camera, just like a Skype call. If you happen to miss a live session, you can view a video recording at any time. These sessions will be filled with provocative information, clear instruction, and practical advice from one of the master visionary teachers of our era. 



Session 1 - "How To Hack the Human Biofield" 

Wednesday, March 25


Longevity of the individual is of no interest to Nature, but it is to you and me.

When you were born, your biofield came preloaded with the software for the preservation of the species. The neural networks in our brains developed an ego, whose agenda was to look out for Number One.

The ego is an unconscious program whose subroutines are the four F’s of the limbic brain: Fear, Feeding, Fighting and Sex.  And then, we spend years in therapy getting over our anger, our fear, our loneliness, and the violence against ourselves and those we love!

Shamans of old knew different. They knew the first step is to upgrade our hardware: detox the body through a healthy diet and supplements in order to repair mitochondria. Next, we upgrade the brain so we can upload the new apps for longevity and the exploration of the ultimate frontier.  

Then we are finally ready to experience the shamanic enlightenment - and ecstasy - free of past trauma, genetic inheritances, and one with the nature that feeds, nurtures and informs us, all of our relations and creations.

In this session you will:


  • Learn how to clear the Luminous Energy Field which informs our brain and nervous systems

  • Discover how to shift old genetic programs

  • Learn about shamanic states of consciousness 

  • Learn how to utilize nutrition to grow new bodies that age, heal and die differently


Session 2 - "Practicing One Spirit Medicine"

Wednesday, April 8


In this session we continue the dialog with Alberto Villoldo, as he discusses the practices and principles of One Spirit Medicine.  

The fact is the toxic forces of modern life have placed our health and well –being in jeopardy. Many of us feel stressed-out physically and emotionally, and wonder why, with all the antianxiety and antidepressant medications and relaxation techniques available, we don’t seem to be able to fix the problem.

Through this discussion of One Spirit Medicine, Alberto can help you avoid the diseases that are plaguing our society today.

Using the principles and practices of this program, you can feel better in a few days, begin to clear your mind and heal your brain in a week, and in six weeks be on your way to effectively “growing a new body”—one that heals rapidly, retains its youthful vitality, and keeps you connected to Spirit, to the earth, and to a renewed sense of purpose in your life.

In this session you will learn these three practices.


  • Become the Source: The practices of the god Apollo of embodying the source of all life.

  • Death and Initiation: The practices of the goddess Inanna and the descent to the underworld to discover immortality. 

  • One Spirit: The practice of “all my relations” and the inter-connectedness of all beings in all creation.




Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., is a Psychologist and  Anthropologist, who has studied the healing practices of the Amazon and the Andean shamans. Dr. Villoldo directs The Four Winds Society, where he trains individuals in the U.S. and Europe in the practice of shamanic energy medicine. He is the founder of the Light Body School, which has campuses in New York, California, and Germany. He directs the Center for Energy Medicine in Chile, where he investigates and practices the neuroscience of enlightenment. Dr. Villoldo has written numerous best-selling books, including One Spirit Medicine; Shaman, Healer, Sage; The Four Insights; Courageous Dreaming; and Power Up Your Brain.



* * *  

By participating in this course, you will receive:

  • 2 60-minute live video seminars with Alberto Villoldo on Wednesdays March 25 and April 8.
  • 30 minutes of question and answer time following each seminar
  • Unlimited online access to recordings of all sessions

These sessions are the first part of a two-part course with Alberto on One Spirit Medicine to be offered by Evolver Learning Lab. Part 2 will be offered in September. 


Learn about the role nutrition plays in priming your brain for enlightenment, how to discover lasting happiness, and what One Spirit Medicine can teach you about creating your best life possible!



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Hacking the Human Biofield: An Introduction to One Spirit Medicine [Part 1]

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