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Host: Daniel Ryan
With Guests: Patricia Caetano, Alexandre Tannous, Sadek Bazaraa, Hector Marcel, and Melissa Tiers
6 Sessions • Starts Tuesday, March 29


Discover how contemporary approaches to Past Life Regression can lead to powerful insights for your healing and transformation! 

Have you been here before? Some of us have the strong sense that we have not just one, but many lifetimes. The echoes of past lives seem to emerge in our dreams, through inexplicable behaviors, and at moments when our bonds with loved ones feel forged in long lost history. 
  • A clear set of techniques enable you to momentarily experience previous incarnations as a separate consciousness -- and they can be learned.
  • Exploring visions associated with past lives can lead to powerful insights and healing.
  • Past Life Regression has developed into a subtle practice that incorporates aspects of Eastern Mysticism, Guided Meditation, Shamanism, new advances in dream study, and the latest cognitive science. 

When Past Life Regression was introduced as a therapeutic practice in the Seventies, it proved to be an effective technique for healing psychological wounds and phobias which had no reasonable origin in the present. People were able to release trauma that was apparently from previous lifetimes that manifested in negative patterns. And by re-experiencing previous lifetimes, people could access healthy resources and apply them to their present lives. 

In recent years, as spiritual life in the West has been transformed by Eastern mysticism and other esoteric lineages, Past Life Regression has developed in new and remarkable ways. At the same time, advances in cognitive science are deepening and expanding the practice. 
Daniel Ryan is a thought leader among a new generation of Past Life Regression practitioners. His father, the late Dr. Jeffrey Ryan, was the President of the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies. Dan has devoted his life to exploring consciousness through various tools of the mind, and maintains a private practice in New York City at the Center for Integrative Hypnosis, where he offers hypnotherapy and past life regression to groups and individuals.

For this pathbreaking course, Daniel has gathered five experts who will help you to understand the vitality of Past Life Regression today. They will explore a range of contemporary approaches to this powerful practice, and reveal how it heals, how it leads to transformation. They are: 

  • Patricia Caetano - Internationally known pioneer in Regression Therapy and Inner Child Integration Therapy, trains psychotherapists in numerous countries and specializes trainings for medical doctors, psychiatrists and healthcare professionals. 
  • Alexandre Tannous - Musician, educator, composer and ethnomusicologist with expertise in therapeutic and esoteric properties of sound from three different perspectives - Western scientific, Eastern philosophical, and shamanic societal beliefs.

  • Sadek Bazaraa - Artist and designer with expertise in symbology, sacred geometry and their intersection with technology in the modern world.   
  • Hector Marcel - Teacher and speaker on Buddhist meditation, reincarnation and other eastern philosophies as they interact with the western world.  

  • Melissa Tiers - Author of Integrative Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Course in Change and teacher, expert in trance and how it can be used to create positive change. 
Daniel and his guests will explore the origins of Past Life Regression, its practice as both an art and a science. These sessions will be filled with provocative information, clear instruction, and practical advice from teachers who are among the world's leading experts in their fields.
You will come away with practical techniques that you can do on your own. And you will gain a deeper appreciation of the extraordinary abilities of your own mind.
In this course, you will:
  • Experience past life regression and be introduced to the art to pursue your own inner-exploration. 
  • Discover the history of Past Life Regression and how it has changed through practice.
  • Explore the rich philosophical history of reincarnation as it has thrived in both the east and the west. 
  • Discover and in some cases untether connections to your own past, releasing the origins of fear and replenishing sources of joy. 
  • Learn about trance, hypnotherapy, guided meditation and how these tools of the mind and self-examination are subtly different -- yet also the same. 
  • Demystify past life regression by challenging superstitious thinking. 
  • Learn to serve what is most useful during Past Life Regression so you can stay grounded in the experience, and receive the greatest benefits.
During a Past Life Regression, the narratives that rise up from the subconscious may be memories from past lifetimes. But they can also be Jungian archetypal journeys, fantasies of wish fulfillment, animated nightmares, or memories of a passage in a book or scene from a movie. They can be all of these at once, or something else entirely. What matters most is that they contain great symbolic power and beauty, and the feelings they unlock lead to transformation.  
    In the words of Voltaire: “It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection.” Join us for a rare opportunity to learn the techniques and experience the benefits of this remarkable practice.


    March 29 - “Hypnosis, Regression Therapy and Other Tools of the Mind” 
    Guest: Melissa Tiers
    8:00 p.m. New York • 5:00 p.m. Los Angeles

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    In our first session, we will explore trance, hypnosis, past life regression and the brain. This relationship is critical and fascinating, as past life regression is a form of hypnotherapy, and hypnosis has no true definition. Leading scientific research on the brain offers insight into patterns of learning and the neurology of change.
    Melissa Tiers is an award winning hypnotist, author, and founder of The Center for Integrative Hypnosis in New York.  She will share with us her experience using hypnosis to help people change and how she sees the experience in the context of past life regression.
    In this session with Melissa and Dan, we will:
    •  Explore the principles of hypnosis for relaxation and relief.
    •  Be introduced to past life regression as a form of hypnotherapy.
    •  Explore the neurological science of past life regression.
    Melissa is a two time recipient of the International Medical and Dental Association's prestigious Pen and Quill Award for her books "Integrative Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Course in Change,”  and "Keeping the Brain in Mind: Practical Neuroscience for Coaches, Therapists and Hypnosis Practitioners,” co- written with Shawn Carson. Melissa was awarded the National Guild of Hypnotist’s 2014 President's Award for excellence in the field, and the 2014 Speaker and Author of the year from the Zurich Hypnose Kongress.


    April 5 - “Symbology in the Subconscious Mind”
    Guest: Sadek Bazaraa
    8:00 p.m. New York • 5:00 p.m. Los Angeles

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    In a past life regression, we constantly engage with and interpret symbols and archetypes. In the second session we’ll focus on the visual and artistic experience in past life regression. Decades of research and case studies reveal that how we interact with the symbols and characters in our minds is reflected in our wellness and perceptions of our own health. An understanding of past life regression can account for the uniquely human capability of symbolic reasoning, without which we could not use languages (which are sets of symbols) or money (symbols of value), or interpret our dreams.
    Daniel’s guest this session is Sadek Bazaraa, a multi-media artist and designer working in the realms of art direction, commercial design and fine art. His recent work and visual acuity is deeply rooted in esoteric and symbolic form.  Drawing from a variety of traditions, both ancient and avant-garde, from physics to occult ideologies, his work seeks to crystallize those fleeting moments where the sacred, mysterious, and psychedelic merge seamlessly with the sleek deliberateness of modern design.
    In this session with Sadek and Daniel, you will:
    • Explore meeting with your "spirit guide” as an archetypal experience.
    • Examine the layers of meaning in the metaphors of past life regression.
    • Discuss how to embody the creative power of the subconscious mind.
    As one of the founding partners of the seminal direction and design studio GHAVA, Sadek Bazaraa has over 16 years experience working within the overlap of art and design on numerous commercial projects for clients such as Current TV, Nokia, Diesel, powerHouse Books, Warp Records, and MTV. In 2011, Sadek founded Galactic Resonance as a platform to present multi-disciplinary perspectives on the intersection of esoteric and scientific topics.


    April 12 - “Regression Therapy, Yesterday and Today” 
    Guest: Patricia Caetano
    8:00 p.m. New York • 5:00 p.m. Los Angeles

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    In this session, we will explore the field and practice of regression therapy through the experience of one of its masters. Patricia is a pioneer in the field, having worked with regression therapy for nearly 40 years. She has seen this fascinating tool reach public consciousness around the world, and has led trainings internationally.
    She served as two-term President of The Association for Regression Research and Therapies, Inc., a worldwide organization of nearly 1,000 professionals focused on regression as a therapeutic tool in healing. 
    In this session with Patricia and Daniel, you will:
            • Learn about the formative years of Regression Therapy and the healers who used it.
            • Discover how the methods were originally structured and how that has led us to where we are today.
            • Find out how the field is developing and where premier trainings take place throughout the world.

    Trisha studied Client-Centered Therapy under Carl Rogers at U.C.S.D. and has a background in Psychosynthesis, Gestalt Therapy, systemic work and regression therapies. She trains psychotherapists in numerous countries and specializes in two-year Integration Therapy trainings for medical doctors, psychiatrists and healthcare professionals. She was an early collaborator of Dr. Brian Weiss’ offering training to medical doctors.


    April 19 - “Guided Healing, Through Voice and Sound”
    Guest: Alexandre Tannous
    8:00 p.m. New York • 5:00 p.m. Los Angeles

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    The human voice is the oldest of all the healing tools, but how does sound promote healing? How can we relax the mind and experience previous incarnations through vocal guidance? What do we know about the science and restorative powers of sound? In this session, we will discuss  the use of voice, sound and music in Regression Therapy. 
    Joining Daniel for this session is Alexandre Tannous, one of the world’s leading experts on the ways sound can have a healing effect on the body and psyche. They will discuss how subtle shifts in tone, rhythm and pitch can effect a regression experience. The vibrations that our internal talk sends through the body results in changes in our biochemistry, moods and feelings. The resonance of these frequencies induce brain entrainment and physiological changes that can be harnessed for personal healing and altering consciousness.
    In this session with Alexandre and Daniel, you will learn:
            • How sound impacts human consciousness and how it serves as a powerful healing tool.
            • Practical information and tips on how to use sound and the voice to promote healing and positive feeling states.
            • How sound is used for healing in modern therapies, shamanic societies, holistic practices and in Eastern philosophies.

    Alexandre Tannous is a musician, educator, composer, ethnomusicologist, sound researcher and sound therapist. For the past seven years he has been researching the therapeutic and esoteric properties of sound from scientific, shamanic, and Eastern philosophical perspectives. This has led him to design a protocol of an integrated experience he calls “Sound Meditation” in which he shares the findings from his research, raising an awareness to how a specifically designed sound can have the ability to help us to disconnect from habitual patterns, and guiding people in how to disconnect from the mind in this setting while listening to the specific traditional instruments he plays. He currently works as a sound therapist and teaches this practice.


    April 26 - “Buddhism, Reincarnation, and Past Life Memories” 
    Guest: Hector Marcel
    8:00 p.m. New York • 5:00 p.m. Los Angeles

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    In our fifth session we’ll explore the inevitability of rebirth in our own own lives, and discuss how this is expressed through metaphors in past life regression and the philosophy of reincarnation. Daniel’s guest, Hector Marcel, will share the Buddhist point of view on these experiences, and the implications they have for living in the modern world.
    Hector is a teacher of eastern philosophy, and an expert in linking ancient Eastern ideas to modern Western problems.
    In this session with Hector and Daniel, you will:
    • Learn how the philosophies of reincarnation from the East and West converge and contrast each other.
    •  Explore perceptions of time, birth and death scenes and the power they offer.
    • Understand the modern Buddhist perspective on cycles of life and our universal desire for rebirth
    Hector Marcel is a passionate organizational change management professional specializing in performance, culture and service. Mr Marcel serves as the Senior VP of Learning and Change for John Foley Inc. in the USA, delivering workshops and keynotes on High Performance designed to achieve excellence in teams and inspire individuals to lead a life beyond their dreams. With more than 15 years experience leading successful cultural transformations in the public and private sectors in Australia, Hector now consults from his base in New York City to international clients.

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    May 3 - “The Past Life Regression Experience”
    Host: Daniel Ryan
    8:00 p.m. New York • 5:00 p.m. Los Angeles

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    For our final session, Daniel will review all the perspectives on Past Live Regression offered in previous sessions, and share an integrated view of the practice as it is approached today.  He will also talk about what it was like growing up with hypnosis and regression therapy as the family business, what he learned about the tools as a young man and how this affects his work as a practitioner today. He will freely take questions and welcomes guidance from the group on topics they’d like to cover. In the second half of the evening Daniel will lead a past life regression of the course, after which time the group will share observations and discussion.
    To understand past life regression, it’s helpful to establish what it is not. It is not an experience someone else can tell you about. It is not a “reading” or piece of information someone else offers you. It is generated by and received by you. In comparison to other tools of the mind, you might describe it like this:
    Meditation is a glass of water; a small container, the contents present, clear and seemingly still. Then hypnotherapy is an olympic sized-pool; a larger container where we can go further, reach into the past and the future, go deep or stay shallow. And then past life regression is the Atlantic Ocean; seemingly infinite in depth and scope, endless possibility, scary at times, beautiful at others, like the mind itself.
    We may also use the image of concentric circles, meditation at the center being the seed of PLR. From that core, we begin offering guidance and progressive relaxation into deeper and deeper states of open, calm awareness until interacting in the mind with the memories of past lifetimes.
    In this session with Daniel, you will:
    • Have a first-hand experience of past life regression led by Daniel.
    • Explore three past-lifetime experiences.
    • Integrate a variety of methods and approaches to past life regression.



    Daniel Ryan maintains full time practice in New York City at the Center for Integrative Hypnosis. He enjoys offering guided meditation and trance experiences to groups all over the world. His first book, Advancing Past Life Regression, will be out in 2016.


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