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Host: Glenn Aparicio Parry

5 Sessions • Starts June 25 

With Special Guests: Gregg Braden, Grandmother Mona Polacca, James O’Dea, Grandmother Susan Ka’iulani Stanton, Vernon Masayesva, Ashok Gangagdean, Tina Fields, Carole Hart, Matthew Bronson, David Christopher, and Jerry Honawa.

8 PM New York • 5 PM Los Angeles


Discover how an original synthesis of Indigenous traditions, Eastern philosophy, and modern science can lead to emotional and spiritual healing.


Today we see the emergence of a liberating new way of being in the world -- one that weaves together the deep Nature wisdom of Indigenous traditions, the spiritual insights of Eastern philosophy, and the quantum breakthroughs of modern science. By making this worldview part of our daily lives, we usher in an era of greater health and awareness, for ourselves and for society.

For all of the achievements of modern "progress," the Western way of thinking has led us -- personally and collectively -- to a crisis. We experience ourselves as fragmented beings, separated from one another and Nature, and this alienation has led to destructive behavior that endangers the future of life on this planet. 

But each of us has the potential to transcend this crisis, and leave the era of separation behind.

Glenn Aparicio Parry calls this new world view Original Thinking. Through Original Thinking, we can strip away the destructive practices of rationalist Western thought, and reconnect with the Source that brings us health and the experience of our truest selves.

Glenn has spent more than two decades exploring the emerging paradigm, with its radical revisioning of how we think about time, humanity, and nature. At the legendary SEED Gatherings, he convened pioniering dialogues that brought together Native American elders and leading-edge Western scientists, to uncover the common perspectives of scientists and mystics. They also shared traditional Indigenous and Eastern spiritual techniques to help integrate this understanding into a reimagined, contemporary way of life.

For this unique course, Glenn has gathered some of the most insightful and celebrated participants from the SEED dialogues and more to lead you to a deep appreciation of the emergent paradigm. They will teach time honored practices that will support you on the journey to a new way of thinking and being. And they will share their own experiences of the same journey.




Joining Glenn will be:

  • Gregg Braden - bestselling author of The God CodeThe Divine MatrixFractal TimeDeep Truth, and his newest, The Turning Point.

  • Grandmother Mona Polacca - Native American spiritual elder from Arizona, one of the the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

  • James O’Dea - author of The Conscious Activist and award-winning Cultivating Peace.

  • Grandmother Susan Ka’iulani Stanton (Nanatusi Aukwe ~ Chiefmoon Lady) - a founder and immediate past president of the Grandmothers Circle the Earth Foundation.

  • Vernon Masayesva - founder and Executive Director of Black Mesa Trust, a Hopi Leader of the Coyote Clan and a former Chairman of the Hopi Tribal Council from the village of Hotevilla.

  • Ashok Gangagdean - author of Meditative Reason: Toward Universal Grammar, Between Worlds: The Emergence of Global Reason, and Meditations of Global First Philosophy: Quest for the Missing Grammar of Logos.

  • Carole Hart - Director/Producer of the film about the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, For the Next 7 Generations; award-winning television and film producer/writers, and one of the original writers of Sesame Street,for which she won her first Emmy.

  • Matthew Bronson - Cross-cultural Linguist and trans-disciplinary thinker, long-time member of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness.

  • David Christopher - an award-winning author and teacher of the “new story,” a story that integrates the science of the 20th and 21st centuries with a spiritual sensibility toward the creation of the Universe.

  • Tina Fields - Chair of the M.A. program in Transpersonal Ecopsychology at Naropa University, focusing on how to foster respect for the more-than-human world, and how to find joy instead of deprivation as we shift to planetary-life-sustaining behavior. 

  • Jerry Honawa - member of the Hopi tribe, a retired educator, village elder, and a life-long farmer and cultural advisor.

You will be part of the discussion, able to ask your questions on camera, just like a Skype call. If you happen to miss a live session, you can view a video recording at any time. These sessions will be filled with provocative information, honest testimonials, and practical advice from some of the thinkers, writers, and doers at the leading edge of this new, emerging paradigm of reality.



In this course you will:


  • Learn why being close to Nature helps you achieve a deep, calm state.

  • Learn how to embody a different awareness of time - to let go of the "myth" of linear human progress, and appreciate time's cyclic nature, as Indigenous peoples do.

  • Discover techniques from Native American wisdom traditions that will reconnect you to the ground of being.

  • Cultivate the power of intuition, and see why the Western preeminence of rational thinking has become the single greatest delusion of modernity.

  • Access insights from the latest physical science that can open you to experiences of time, space, and the power of consciousness that will transform your awareness of yourself and the world.

  • Learn about the limits of Western languages, and why Indigenous languages may be better tools for expressing the spiritual essence of nature.

  • Discover how you can awaken from the sleep of modernity and open yourself to your full potential.


Over 5 sessions, Glenn and his guests will explore how this new paradigm is revolutionizing our fundamental sense of what it means to be human. Learn from this diverse group of experts how understanding the intelligence of Nature opens the path to new levels of physical, emotional and spiritual healing.





June 25: Time and Origin

Guests: Gregg Braden and Grandmother Mona Polacca

While the West sees time as moving forward, Indigenous consciousness experiences reality as a moving flux of interconnected aspects. For Indigenous peoples, the relationship of time, space, and place is about “What kinds of things want to happen together?” 

In this session, Glenn will be joined by Gregg Braden and Grandmother Mona Polacca (of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers) to explore these questions:

  • Is it possible to get a divorce from linear time?

  • What is the benefit of abstract thought?

  • How do different experiences of time effect us physically?

 You will be led in a guided visualization that will allow you to release your preoccupation with how things happen linearly. Appreciate your life purpose as the center of a circle of potential, rather than as a finite sequence with a beginning and end.

Gregg Braden is a New York Times bestselling author whose work has led to cutting-edge books such as The God Code, The Divine Matrix, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, and Fractal Time. Gregg’s work is now published in 17 languages and 33 countries and shows beyond any reasonable doubt that the key to our future lies in the wisdom of our past. His website is:

 Grandmother Mona Polacca (Hopi/Tewa/Havasupai) is a Native American spiritual elder from Arizona. She has worked to further social justice for indigenous people from an early age. She is an author in the field of social sciences, has held posts of responsibility as Treasurer for her tribe, served on several committees for Indigenous Peoples within the United Nations, and is widely known for her "leadership in the Native American revitalisation movement." In recent years, Mona has gained international recognition for her work as one of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers - a group of spiritual elders, medicine women and wisdom keepers founded in 2004.


July 2: What Does It Mean To Be Human?

Guests: James O'Dea and David Christopher

In the West, we perceive our thinking as coming from a separate self, disconnected both from other humans and Nature. This self-perception is both illusory and mentally precarious. We all need a sense of belonging, and without it we become dissatisfied, restless, and sometimes, deeply troubled.

 In this session, Glenn will be joined by James O'Dea and David Christopher to explore these questions:

  • Does rational and linear thinking lead you to a false idea of yourself?

  • Which practices can reconnect you to natural rhythms, original instructions, and wisdom teachings?

  • How does living in true harmony with nature lead you to a new understanding of "free will"?

This session includes a guided meditation for connecting to the wisdom of the land.

James O’Dea is author of The Conscious Activist and the award-winning Cultivating Peace. He is lead faculty for the Shift Network’s acclaimed global Peace Ambassador Training and has taught peacebuilding to students in over 30 countries. He has travelled widely and conducted dialogue and workshops in conflict zones, including Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus, Israel, Palestine, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Rwanda. He has also overseen international development work in India, Nepal and Tibet. James is a former president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Washington office director of Amnesty International and CEO of the Seva Foundation.

David Christopher is an award-winning author and teacher of the “new story,” a story that integrates the science of the 20th and 21st centuries with a spiritual sensibility toward the creation of the Universe. He is the author of “The Holy Universe: A New Story of Creation for the Heart,” a book for those who, in the words of bestselling author John Robbins, “seek a spirituality unburdened by the chains of dogma, who seek a deep connection with Creation that is based in awe and reverence for nature and the cosmos.”



July 9: Think Like Water Thinks

Guests: Vernon Masayesva and Jerry Honawa

Our consciousness is tied to water, as we are made up of 70% water. Having a fluid consciousness is actually a very good thing if we understand what this means on a deep level. In this session, Glenn and his guests will explore a radical interconnection between humans and water. In so doing, it will become possible to learn to think like water thinks.

In this session, Glenn and his guests Vernon Masayesva and Jerry Honawa will introduce you to an Indigenous approach to consciousness that. you will:

  • Understand how your thoughts evolve in a circle not unlike the hydrological cycle of water

  • See a relationship between mainstream thought, underground thought, and thinking that is in the clouds

  • Learn to fluidly course correct your thoughts as needed

  • Become gentle with your thought, allowing it to flow around obstacles

  • Stop resisting or suppressing thought, and instead become one with the flow of Nature

  • Learn to let stale thoughts evaporate so that truly original thoughts can be born

    Vernon Masayesva is the founder and Executive Director of Black Mesa Trust, a Hopi Leader of the Coyote Clan and a former Chairman of the Hopi Tribal Council from the village of Hotevilla, one of the oldest continuously inhabited human settlement in the Americas in Arizona. Vernon is an international speaker on the subject of Water and is honored among many scientists, physicists and water researchers including renown author and water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan. As a result of his commitment to preserving our water, former President William Clinton honored him as an “Environmental Hero.” 

    Jerry Honawa is a member of the Hopi tribe, a retired educator, village elder, and a life-long farmer and cultural advisor. He lives and farms in Hotevilla, one of the original Hopi villages, situated in the high desert country of what is now northern Arizona. He is the Cultural Advisor to the Board of Directors of the Black Mesa Trust.



    July 16: Making Thought Whole Again

    Guests: Ashok Gangadean, Matthew Bronson, and Tina Fields

    Fragmented thinking causes a fragmented society, while to be whole is to be healed. In Native societies and Eastern spiritual lineages, people claim a wider and wiser consciousness that is whole and interconnected. In cultures that are less fixated on abstract and linear thought, there is more evidence of interconnected consciousness. Our separation from Nature is embedded in the very language we speak -- and by coming aware of our language's limitations, we can discover new ways of thinking that can help to make us whole.

     For this session, Glenn will be joined by Ashok Gangadean, Matthew Bronson, and Tina Fields. Together they will explore:

    • How understanding Indigenous languages can help you experience wholeness.

    • Why the countries with the greatest biodiversity are among those with the greatest linguistic diversity.

    • Ways that quantum physics point to a kind of wholeness that can't be reached through linear thinking.

    Ashok Gangadean is the Margaret Gest Professor of Global Philosophy at Haverford College. He is recognized for pioneering the new frontier of Global Philosophy, Global Wisdom, Global Literacy and Global Ethics. This frontier of “global intelligence” takes us to the deep Source Code – the long emerging Primal Code of LogoSophia- the Source of all world views, cultures, religions, disciplines and narrative perspectives. This Source Dimension is the sacred generative Space of Reality that flows in boundless connectivity and deep dialogue. The missing and long emerging “language” of this Primal Field is the language of deep dialogue and the Script that is encoded in all our great scriptures. This is the Source Field of Reason and Awakened Consciousness that is being tapped in our great enlightenment teachings across the planet and through the ages. This “source literacy” is the Art of being an integral, whole, mature and flourishing Human Being, and, of course of our inter-personal and collective flourishing across all borders. Among his books are Meditative Reason: Toward Universal Grammar and The Awakening of the Global Mind: A New Philosophy for Healing our Selves and our World, which was also the basis for a six CD audio set released by Sounds True.

    Tina Fields is currently Associate Professor and Chair of the M.A. program in Transpersonal Ecopsychology at Naropa University. Her work mainly focuses on the vital questions of how to foster respect for the more-than-human world, and how to find joy instead of deprivation as we shift to planetary-life-sustaining behavior. In private practice, Tina is an ACISTE-certified Spiritual Guidance Counselor who works with people both in person and at a distance to help them connect with the more-than-human ("natural") world, the numinous, and their own deepest wild selves; to foster “greener” behavior patterns, and/or to work with mystical experiences. She is also a wilderness rites-of-passage leader, bioregional naturalist, an accomplished visual and performing artist, contradance caller and songleader, scholar-practitioner of shamanism and Druidry, DIY reskiller, and incorrigible punster. Her blog is

    Matthew C. Bronson, Ph.D, is a Cross-cultural Linguist and trans-disciplinary thinker, and a long-time member of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness. He is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the California Institute of Integral Studies and a teacher educator at the University of California at Davis. He has recently co-authored chapters in two books, including the Encyclopedia of Language and Education Research, and edited four special journal issues on Indigenous/Western dialogue and re-visioning higher education.



    July 23:   Redefining our Humanity and Future

    Guest: Carole Hart and Grandmother Susan Ka’iulani Stanton 

    The natural world is not only the origin of our thoughts; it is an ever present source of well-being and sustenance to us. The awareness of nature as the source of our consciousness has the potential to heal us and the earth.

    In this session, Glenn will be joined by Carole Hart and Grandmother Susan Ka’iulani Stanton to explore:

    • Is the notion of progress helping or hurting our society today?

    • How can science and technology support a healthy relationship between human beings and the rest of the planet?

    • Ways you can make the natural world your best friend and ally.

    • How has our thinking created the world, and how changes in thinking can create a new world, now emerging?

    This session will include a guided meditation to visualize an actual nature ally, like Sacha Warmi, the “spirit woman of the forest” in the Kichwa language. Sachi Warmi evokes the feminine spirit of nurturance and support for human life that arises from the Earth and Nature herself.

     Carole Hart is an award-winning television and film producer/writer. She began her career working with her partner and husband, Bruce Hart, as one of the original writers of Sesame Street, for which she won her first Emmy. She also produced in partnership with Marlo Thomas the now classic children’s album, Free To Be...You and Me, which they then turned into a book and a Peabody-winning television special. Her credits also include a number of movies made for television. Recently, she produced and directed an award-winning feature documentary, For the Next 7 Generations, about the formation and journey of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, a group of Medicine Women and Shamans from around the world who have come forward to help us to heal the planet.

     Grandmother Susan Ka'iulani Stanton (Nanatusi Aukwe - Chiefmoon Lady), is one of the original founders and immediate past president of the Grandmothers Circle the Earth Foundation, Susan was born on the island of Oahu and raised her children on their 6-acre Kuleana in a remote valley on the North Shore. It was not until she entered her pre-Elder years that she learned that her birth mother is Jeanne House, Six Nations of the Grand River, Mohawk/Wolf Clan. Bi-cultural, Susan was a member for a short time of the Hui Hooulu Aloha Halau, under the direction of Kumu Hula Cy Bridges. She Sundanced at the Chiefmoon Sundance on the Blood Reserve in Alberta, Canada, and has been initiated to carry Crystal Medicine. She is an initiate of the White Buffalo Cow Society (Mandan) and has worked for 23 years with incarcerated Men, Women and Youth of many Tribes as a Spiritual counselor.





    Glenn Aparicio Parry, PhD, also given the name Kizhe Naabe (Ojibwe for “Kind-Hearted Man"), is a writer, educational consultant, international speaker, entrepreneur, and visionary whose life-long passion is to reform thinking and education into a coherent, cohesive whole. The founder and past president of the SEED Institute, Parry is currently the president of the think tank: The Circle for Original Thinking. He is the author of Original Thinking: A Radical Revisioning of Time, Humanity, and Nature (North Atlantic Books, 2015).

    Glenn organized and participated in the groundbreaking Language of Spirit Conferences from 1999 – 2011 that brought together Native and Western scientists in dialogue, moderated by Leroy Little Bear. He has previously written about these experiences in in a book chapter entitled “The Old is Now: Creating a Shift Toward Wholeness through Dialogue” (with Phillip H. Duran); in “SEED Thoughts on Dialogue,” ReVision Journal (Winter 2004), “Native Wisdom in a Quantum World,” Shift (IONS Journal, December 2005), and in his doctoral dissertation: SEED Graduate Institute: An Original Model of Transdisciplinary Education Informed by Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Dialogue. He has appeared in several documentary films, including “Journey to Turtle Island” by Spanish film maker Miryam Servet, and “SEEDing Change: A Retrospective of the Language of Spirit Dialogues,” directed by Joyce Anastasia and produced by the Foundation for Global Humanity.

    Glenn has also been a talk show host and has participated in hundreds of radio shows as a guest.




    * * *


    By participating in this online course, you will receive:

    • Five 60-minute live video seminars with Glenn Aparicio Parry and his guests on June 25, and July 2, 9, 16, and 23

    • 30 minutes of question and answer time following each seminar

    • Unlimited online access to recordings of all sessions


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