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With David Sauvage
3 in-depth, online and interactive sessions

​Two hours each
Starts Wednesday, April 18th
Following sessions are April 22nd + April 24th

Everything you need to know about protecting yourself and unlocking your superpower

​Learn everything you want to know about being an empath from a master empath and superb teacher. This live, interactive course is playful, deep, informative, spontaneous and ultimately transformational. You’ll learn how to distinguish your emotions from other people’s emotions, how to protect yourself and cleanse yourself, how to establish healthy boundaries in the trickiest relationships, and how to approach your own healing with self-compassion and patience.

​Above all, you’ll expand your gifts so that you can give them joyfully, in fullness, back to the world. 
Think of this class as an initiation. You’ll emerge as a proud member of a community of empaths who know how to handle their superpowers. 



Session 1 - Introduction: What is an Empath? How Do You Protect Yourself? 
Wednesday, April 18th
7:30 pm New York • 4:30 pm Los Angeles

In this class, you will learn: 

  • The origin and evolution of the word "empath":  from 1950s pulp science fiction to the pop internet psychology of today.

  • The similarities and differences between Highly Sensitive People (HSP), introverts, and empaths.

  • The latest science on empaths.

  • Reviewing Dr. Judith Orloff’s "Are You An Empath?" online assessment test.

  • The basics of emotional self-awareness.

  • How to distinguish your feelings from others’.

  • Protect yourself when you’re around energy you don’t want. Release the energy you do absorb.

  • Daily rituals and full detoxes to keep yourself clear.

Session 2 - Healthy Boundaries and Healing Wounds
Sunday, April 22nd
7:30 pm New York • 4:30 pm Los Angeles

In the first part of the lesson, you will learn to:

  • Acknowledge your deepest entanglements.

  • Separate your empathic feelings from your sense of obligation.

  • Dispel the illusion of goodness.

  • Know your needs, especially the ones you’re ashamed of, and share them through Non-violent Communication.

You will also learn about healing wounds:

  • Self-compassion and self-acceptance as the foundation of healing.

  • Emotion Exposure and tolerating intense feelings.

  • The many techniques, physical, therapeutic and shamanic, to heal yourself. There’s no rush. Everyone has their path.

  • Insights on plant medicine and psychedelics.

  • Healing the trickiest wounds of all: the ones you inherited from your family. The wounds that are deepest within you.

Session 3 - Giving Your Gifts: Empaths Unite!
Tuesday, April 24th
7:30 pm New York • 4:30 pm Los Angeles

  • How to own what you’ve got and notice how you use your gifts already.

  • Empathy as a psychic superpower (aka “clairsentience”).

  • David’s method of empathic readings.

  • How to test, refine, fail, explore and grow as you develop your own style and practice.

You will also learn: 

  • There’s no going alone. We grow from surrendering ourselves to others.

  • Can empaths save the world?

  • We can create and and share feelings with others.

  • A closing meditation.


Your teacher is David Sauvage, a professional empath who was singled out in the Guardian as a master of his craft. David is capable of emptying out his nervous system, tuning into people on command, absorbing their emotions fully, providing deep insight into their lives, and returning to himself safely— all thanks to the methods he will share with you. He has performed empathic readings everywhere from art galleries, to virtual reality, to the middle of Times Square. Recently, he taught “How to Thrive as an Empath” on Evolver Learning Lab to glowing reviews. Students reported that just by taking the class, they felt centered and empowered. A shaman by nature, David doesn’t just present information; he creates transformational experiences. 

By participating in this online course, you will receive:

  • Three 120-minute interactive video seminars with David Sauvage on April 18th, 22nd, and 24th

  • 60 minutes of Q&A following each seminar

  • Unlimited online access to recordings of all sessions


Right away I felt right David’s authenticity, just 100% pure truth. He is gifted on MANY fronts, from his capacity to share, to explain, to describe, to expose himself, to listen, to support learning, etc. The course was a multilayered and three-dimensional exploration rooted in the love and in the profound sensibility that David feels for all his peers on this demanding path. I feel very grateful for it.


I used to live others’ emotions as if they were my own. It made me feel burnt out, wary of people and avoiding them. During class, I started to work consistently on grounding and clearing out my energy field. I incorporated both things into my daily practice and it has helped a lot. I feel more willing to step out into the world.


I totally recommend this class. I would say to trust your intuition and what brought you to David, to this class at this moment. I found some video from David very “casually” just few days before the class started, in the perfect moment, following my intuition. I'm so grateful and thankful. It has been a big breakthrough for me.


Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a master empath!

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This class was created in conjunction with our media partner, Nura Learning.

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