Fast Fashion, And How It Will Change the Industry

Fast Fashion, And How It Will Change the Industry

Fast fashion is a concept that is widely applied by clothing retailers around the world today. Therefore, fashion is a promising business concept in the fashion industry.

Fast Fashion, And How It Will Change the Industry

Not without reason, fast fashion products that prioritize affordable prices are now loved by various groups, especially young people. Many of them buy quick fashion products to follow current trends.

On the other hand, fast fashion is also closely related to environmental pollution. Fast fashion is one of the biggest polluters in the world. So, what is fast fashion? To better understand it, see more information in the following article.

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion is a term used by the textile industry with various fashion models that alternate in a short time. Fast fashion carries a design model that follows trends with the shortest production time.

Quoting The Good Trade page, fast fashion is a design, manufacturing, and marketing method that focuses on producing clothes in quick quantities. This industry aims to meet the supply of clothing in each of its outlets in a short time with low production costs.

Fast Fashion, And How It Will Change the Industry

The ready-to-wear clothing industry is now dominated by fast fashion. Big brands like Zara, H&M, and Topshop are some examples. They compete to supply clothing to their fashion outlets spread worldwide en masse and at a fast tempo.

The fast fashion industry is more concerned with quantity than quality to meet market needs. As a result, the raw materials used are of poor quality, so the clothes do not last long.

Fashion models like this only put forward the latest trends. The collection may often be displayed at fashion shows, but the clothes will be thrown away if the direction dims. This system causes fast fashion to hurt the environment.

Features of Fast Fashion That You Must Know

Fast fashion has several differences from the rest of the clothing industry. To make it easier to recognize, the following are the characteristics of fast fashion quoted from the journal Impact of Fast Fashion and the Role of Designers in Creating Sustainable Fashion written by Chanifathin Nidia and Ratna Suhartini.

Fast Fashion, And How It Will Change the Industry

Always follow the latest trends.

  • Put the product on the market immediately.
  • Having retails spread all over the world so that it is easier to reach many customers.
  • There is a need to link customer demand with design, procurement, production, and distribution.
  • It offers a lot of fashion models and constantly changing in limited quantities.

Impact of Fast Fashion

As explained, fast fashion harms the environment. The following are some of the adverse effects on the climate summarized from the environment—Co site.

Fast Fashion, And How It Will Change the Industry

1. Excessive use of water.

The fast fashion industry uses nearly 97 billion cubic meters of water yearly to produce abundant raw materials.

2. Produce plastic and synthetic fiber waste

To reduce production costs, most fast fashion industries use synthetic fibers as raw materials for their clothes.

3. Dependence on non-renewable energy

Most fast fashion industries rely on fossil fuels to power their manufacturing facilities.

4. Generating a consumptive lifestyle for the community

The fast fashion business strategy is to make products with limited quantities for particular items. This strategy makes consumers compete to own it.

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