How Long Does it Take to Learn Fashion?

How Long Does it Take to Learn Fashion?

Everyone certainly has their thoughts about entering higher education, one of which is studying the world of fashion. To discuss the role of education and its influence in the fashion industry, as well as to address societal stigma related to fashion, the 2011 alumnus of the Diploma in Art and Design of the Maranatha Christian University, Marselina Anggita Manalu, was invited as a guest speaker on Instagram Live @thepathoffuture. The activity, which was broadcast on Monday, May 18, 2020, was entitled Sharing Talk Ain’t Cheap with the topic “What Role does Education Play in the Fashion Industry?”.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Fashion?

Generally, people say, fashion is just clothes or clothes. But more than that, Marselina argues, “Fashion is an expression”. Through fashion, we can also express ourselves. “Humans need expression. Therefore, humans need fashion because fashion is also present every decade and can adapt,” he added.

Do We Need a Mentor to be a Good Fashionista?

How Long Does it Take to Learn Fashion?

Learning fashion can undoubtedly be obtained self-taught, but Marselina considers education essential and much needed. “Education will teach you step-by-step, simplify, and speed up you in mastering something,” he said. For example, composition theory is a science not acquired by self-taught and will only be found through education. “This composition teaches us to experience the creative process and intuition so that the work can achieve the value we want to achieve,” he said. “Don’t forget to study this composition seriously, it may look disconnected or bored, but this is the best thing in sharpening sensitivity and harmonization as a designer,” said Marselina to the students.

Based on his experience, the fashion industry is up-and-coming. The scope of work for fashion is vast, such as fashion designer, fashion editor, fashion brand marketing, and many more. Therefore, through education, it is not only insight about fashion that is learned, but also will learn other sciences.

How Long One Should Spend Time in Learning Fashion?

However, studying fashion is not an easy thing. Marcelina had almost given up because of difficulties in learning. However, the support of the lecturers who motivated him and his determination to create work that has value brought him to the point he is today. Marcelina said, “Lectures are not just about science, but also tolerance, cooperation, failure and even winning.”

How Long Does it Take to Learn Fashion?
College Students Studying Fashion And Design With Sewing Machines

Currently, Marselina serves as Vice President of Product and one of the Co-Founders of the local company Godly. He said a reliable fashion designer is someone who can communicate well and can work with a team. Building a brand is difficult without experience and teamwork. “Creating a brand is not easy. Every brand has an expression of the designer and his history that makes the brand has value,” he said.

For those interested in exploring the fashion world, Marselina advised reviewing every university of interest. Because each campus has its value, it would be better to know the goals to be achieved when entering the world of education and be diligent in learning everything.

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