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Ken Jordan

Content Director

Ken Jordan, the cofounder, publisher and editorial director of Reality Sandwich and Evolver. He has been an online pioneer for decades. In 1995 he helped launch the award-winning, the web's first multimedia music zine and digital music store. In 2007 he cofounded and Reality Sandwich with Daniel Pinchbeck to further intelligent, rigorous, open-minded inquiry into "a vital, dynamic culture in the act of formation."


Henrietta Weekes

Managing Director

Henrietta hails from London and has lived in New York City for sixteen years, organising events, happenings, gatherings, talks, readings, theater and shows.  She is a devotee of anthropology, ecology, literature and the arts, esotericism and bohemia.  She is currently mesmerized by the rapid planetary transition - how we change in relation to this consumes her waking and sleeping thoughts.  She also turns her hand to fiction and is working on the creation of an alter ego character that seeks to lift the heavy veils of illusion with satire and total compassion. 


Jeremy D. Johnson:

Community Manager, I.T.

Jeremy received his M.A. in Consciousness Studies from Goddard College, concentrating in transpersonal psychology, new media and cultural studies. Staff editor for Reality Sandwich magazine. Published in KOSMOS Journal, Disinformation and Ultraculture. A native New Yorker, Jeremy spends most of his time at the Evolver office on the Lower East Side, soaking in the graffiti and lattes while searching for rare books. Polyphonic enthusiast of all things science fiction, pop culture and philosophy. Advocate for planetary culture. He currently serves as treasurer and webmaster for the International Jean Gebser Society.



Miriam Gabriel:

Sous Tech Host, Q&A Moderator

Miriam Gabriel, MA, is a scholar and poet currently based in New York. She received her Masters in Consciousness Studies from Goddard College and is currently pursuing a Masters in Middle Eastern Studies from CUNY. Her research interests include the politics (and gendering) of mysticism and the relationship between poetics and communal memory. As a poet she has been featured at the HUB in Oakland, as well as at the Integral theory Conference 2015 at Sonoma State University. She was voted Poet of New York at the Bowery Arts + Science Club once last summer and will be featured at their documentary. She loves making sappy handmade cards, and she dreams of becoming a professor who does NYC Subway performances regularly.