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Teachers: John Kozinski and Patty Lovera

Presented by DreamChange and Food and Water Watch 

Free Session, May 15 
5:00 p.m. Los Angeles • 8:00 p.m. New York


Learn how your daily diet can challenge the Foodopoly and support a healthy farming and food system.


More and more people today recognize that our current food system -- how we produce and prepare what we eat — is sick and in need of healing. A "foodopoly" controlled by just a few corporations promotes and profits from unhealthy food that hurts people and unhealthy farm practices that hurt the planet. This crisis touches us both personally and politically, calling us to become more conscious of what and how we eat while coming together to transform the system that produces food for us all. 
This live, interactive video session brings together two leading food change agents, nutritionist John Kozinski and Food & Water Watch activist Patty Lovera. John and Patty will help you make the connections between your own diet and the global food system, and show you how eating consciously not only improves your health and vitality, but also contributes to real social change. Patty will help you understand the monopoly in our modern food system.
Join us for this complementary introductory session, the first of a four-part series about Conscious Eating that will change how you look at the food you consume everyday. The full course includes appearances by special guests John Perkins, bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, and Allan Savory, originator of the farming method Holistic Management and founder of The Savory Institute. 
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About This Session

We are all involved in the food system. Food is a powerful force in all our daily lives creating health or sickness, obesity or normal weights, and in many indirect ways. A small cadre of companies controls almost every aspect of food from agriculture to processing and distribution. You will learn how this control extends to the meat, vegetables, grains and milk that most Americans eat every day and at what real cost. This is the Foodopoly that has hijacked agricultural policies driving out independent farmers and food processors creating economic stagnation in rural communities at home and famines overseas.

Patty Lovera will discuss:
Who Owns the Food System
Farm and Food Policies Run Amok
The Need for Action to Transform the Foodopoly

John Kozinski will address how the Foodopoly wreaks havoc with our health and how to fight back.
The Foodopoly subsidizes and promotes its products. Many of these products are highly processed and refined.  America and other countries are seeing different consequences from this system. The effects run the gamut from nutritional deficiencies due to an excess of refined calories to malnutrition from food inequality. Every one of us can take steps to transform this system to create sustainable health for ourselves and our brothers and sisters around the world.

John Kozinski will speak about:
Traditional Culture’s Farming Wisdom for Today’s World
What We Can Learn from Traditional Societies About How to Eat for Health
How To Support Local, Farm Friendly, Healthy Eating
Transforming America’s Nutritional Poverty into Nutritional Abundance


John Kozinski

John Kozinski ‘s knowledge of traditional shamanic cultures, and natural health and healing expertise meets the most rigorous standards as defined by Forbes senior editor Geoff Colvin in Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else. According to Geoff Colvin, a certain kind of deliberate practice of 10,000 hours or more is needed to become a master in your field.
John has been fortunate to be in a unique position to achieve this goal of deliberate practice in his field. He was the only educator on the faculty of an international Institute for natural health education for 27 years with uninterrupted tenure until resigning in 2013. He has worked throughout the United States and internationally for 38 years in his private natural health practice, These activities presented him with an unprecedented opportunity to teach, study, observe, and counsel tens of thousands of people who were trying to reverse illness or learn traditional and modern natural health techniques.
He has extensively researched and practiced shamanic techniques of India, China and Japan regarding the use of foods, energy practices, meditation, philosophy, and herbs for health, healing and elevating consciousness.  His studies have focused on the shamanic systems of yoga, and Ayurveda from India, and the Taoist medicines and spiritual practices of China.
John’s expertise is based on this state of the art research combined with other activities. He has been a full time teacher of natural health systems to 30,000 + students for over 35 years. John has provided over 10,000 individual natural health consultations. He has tens of thousands of hours of deliberate practice as defined by Geoff Colvin.
John’s personal interaction with people for 38 years, and his system of noninvasive diagnosis skills put him in a unique position to observe firsthand the short and long term results of various natural diet and lifestyle approaches. His expertise helps you sort through all the media hype around diet. John’s experience on the ground, and current information, can help prevent you, your family, and children from making unintended mistakes in your diet and lifestyle leading to poor health and illness.

Patty Lovera

Patty Lovera is the Assistant Director of Food & Water Watch. She coordinates the food team. Patty has a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Lehigh University and a master’s degree in environmental policy from the University of Michigan. Before joining Food & Water Watch, Patty was the deputy director of the energy and environment program at Public Citizen and a researcher at the Center for Health, Environment and Justice. 

About DreamChange

DreamChange is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to change the way modern societies value each other and the planet. We envision a future that is environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just. Our team of experts educates business leaders, teachers and individuals on how to lead their lives, and manage businesses and other institutions in ways that will ensure a safer world for generations to come.

About Food and Water Watch

Food & Water Watch works to ensure the food, water and fish we consume is safe, accessible and sustainably produced. So we can all enjoy and trust in what we eat and drink, we help people take charge of where their food comes from, keep clean, affordable, public tap water flowing freely to our homes, protect the environmental quality of oceans, force government to do its job protecting citizens, and educate about the importance of keeping the global commons — our shared resources — under public control.

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This live, interactive video session is offered at no charge!

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An Introduction to Conscious Eating: Healing Yourself and the Corporate Food System