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With Dirk Nellens and Manex Ibar

4 Weeks • Starts Wednesday, September 13th

Discover an exciting new modality for unlocking your true potential.

Human Design brings together astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, Shamanism, contemporary physics and the Chakra system into an exciting new practice that can unlock your true potential. Human Design empowers you to harness unseen energy to wholly witness your life’s unique spark. To know your Design is to understand how you connect to others and to the changing world around you.

Using your birth date, time, and location – just as in astrology – you will learn your Human Design. Your Human Design Bodygraph will reveal a better understanding of the arc of your life: you will discover where your power is centered, as well as how and where your shadow manifests. Ultimately, this awareness gives you the ability to harmonize with the energy and song of the universe.


Human Design as a Shamanic Tool Promo from Living Shamanism on Vimeo.

The Human Design System came into the world in 1987 through a mystical experience lived by Ra Uru Hu, a retired physicist. On the island of Ibiza, Ra Uru Hu received the download of this exquisite knowledge. The practice has deeply impacted thousands of people, helping them to heal and raise their consciousness in their lives, relationships and discover their purpose.

As the reputation of Human Design has grown, the few qualified practitioners have been challenged to keep pace with the demand. This course is for anyone interested in Human Design, and is appropriate for those looking to have their charts read for the first time, and for those who already know their charts and want a deeper analysis by two of the world’s foremost experts.

Dirk and Manex -- each internationally renowned as leading experts in Human Design --  are joining forces to present the fundamentals of this body of knowledge to you, for your personal use and personal awakening. Dirk and Manex will take you on an incredible journey of acute self-discovery.

In this course, you will learn:

  • What your design is (i.e., Manifestor, Generator, Projector, Reflector)

  • Practical meditations/exercises to re-condition your programming so that you can live in your design’s integrity 

  • How to make decisions based on your own life spark to align to your nature

  • A practical understanding of crucial aspects of a Human Design

  • Bodygraph that will allow you to use the tool in your daily life

  • A deep understanding of your emotional energy field

  • The secret to conscious relating

  • Practical tools that enable you to gain confidence in who you are as a unique expression of life and love

Everything is energy, and most of it is unseen. We are made of a universal energy field and stream of neutrinos (tiny information particles) from the universe, and yet we have no tools to understand the mechanics of our subconscious programming, especially as it relates to our human experience. This leaves us unaware, confused, and at the very worst, sick.

Shamanism is about connecting with nature and all of creation. The door to our connection with creation is our awareness of our unique spark of life and the unseen energies working through each one of us. Shamanism helps us reveal the underlying force of our Nature and our shadow that plays with the unconscious. The shaman brings us toward our deeper connections to understand these hidden subconscious patterns, and through ceremony, she or he helps us resolve them.

As a tool for shamanism, Human Design has revolutionized the process of accessing clear and precise information about our uniqueness. It unlocks acute self-awareness and the knowledge of how to interact with life with certitude and with the power of our unique genetic makeup. Using the tool of Human Design, we bolster our practice in ceremony, enabling our true and full nature to be revealed.

 You will learn your Human Design chart, or learn more fully about what your Human Design means from two of the world’s experts. You will be part of the discussion, able to ask your questions on camera, just like a Skype call. If you happen to miss a live session, you can view a video recording at any time. These sessions will be filled with provocative information, honest testimonials, and practical advice from two of the most integrous representatives of this body of knowledge.



Wednesday, September 13th:
8:00 New York • 5:00 San Francisco

What is Human Design and what can it do for you? This week’s session is dedicated to a complete outline of the Human Design system and body-graph. It will reveal a practical guide on how to make authentic decisions in your life based on your own life force. We will review the four different energy types and auras, so that you discover exactly who you are, and we will review the helpful keys and basic mistakes implicit to each energy type so that you can live a more aware and deliberate life. We will explore its link to shamanism and ask, what is shamanism and what can it do for you? And how is Human Design a shamanic tool?

Wednesday, September 20th:
8:00 New York • 5:00 San Francisco

We look deeply at the makeup of the Human Design Bodygraph and how it helps us map our unique human experience. Additionally, we delve into the 9 Chakra centers (not 7) and the potential conditioning that is inherent versus the innate strengths and character traits of each center. We will study Human Design’s input on the dynamics of relating by analyzing the interaction between different types, auras, and energy centers. This will enable us to understand our unique, instinctual, intellectual and emotional responses to experiences, people, and things.

Wednesday, September 27th:
8:00 New York • 5:00 San Francisco

This week is a deeper look on survival consciousness, mental intelligence and emotional awareness and how each of us tap into these fields differently and uniquely. We will explore and outline the evolution of consciousness as matrices within a global scale.

Wednesday, October 4th:
8:00 New York • 5:00 San Francisco

The Greeks had many names for aspects of love, and with Human Design we see the deeper meaning behind these disparate definitions and variations, and ultimately, we gain a truer understanding of what love is. We will also decipher and expand upon the genetic imprint and chemical reactions that naturally arise through the experience of love within our very specific genetic imprints.


Dirk Nellens is a social anthropologist and long term international Human Design analyst and teacher. He has travelled the world meeting indigenous and alternative cultures, including shamanic tribes in South America, while living in Andorra, and in Osho’s community in India. He runs an international retreat center in the Basque country, providing eclectic workshops on the development of self-awareness. As a traditional Human Design analyst, as well as a reflector, Dirk provides classic theoretical understanding of its principles, as well as years of personal practice to make this tool very practical and rich in personal use.

Manex Ibar is an internationally-known energy healer and shaman. For the past 15 years, he has used Human Design as a tool to guide people towards a deeper understanding of themselves and to begin a journey of healing, understanding, acceptance, and optimization of their true nature. After working as the youngest VP of Sony Music, helping the UN with several global projects, Manex moved back to his origins in the Basque country, and began providing his services to individuals, couples, and organizations to bring guidance on many complex subjects. Through his Vision Quest workshops and private sessions, Manex has used Human Design to highlight different aspects of personal behavior which has, in turn, has allowed for deep transformation within Shamanic ceremonies.

Both Dirk and Manex have gone through 20+ years of deep research in the exploration of what makes the human experience, and how to discover oneself. They both agree, all the answers are within. Together they will bring a rich seminar that offers practical guidelines for you and your relations, helping you go deeper within your own universe and consciousness.


RA URU HU was born in Montreal, Canada in 1948. He had an eclectic background: as an educator, in both arts and science on two continents; as an entrepreneur, in publishing and media; as an artist, poet and storyteller, musician, composer and performer; and foremost, as a thinker and teacher. Ra's diversity was dramatically focused and fused through what he describes as his life's "science Fiction" cycle, a seven-year mystical transformation whose climax was the receiving of the Human Design system, whole and in detail, from a "voice" during a period of eight days and nights. 

Years of research and extensive practical application have proven the value and benefits of the Human Design System. Ra made no claim. He was dedicated to sharing the knowledge and allowing the system to speak for itself. RA URU HU passed away in March, 2011.


By participating in this online course, you will receive:

  • Four 60-minute live video seminars with Dirk Nellens and Manex Ibar on Sept 13th, 20th, 27th, and Oct 4th

  • 30 minutes of Q&A following each seminar

  • Unlimited online access to recordings of all sessions


Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn the wonders of Human Design from two leading teachers!


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Human Design: Blueprint to Your Soul & Strategy for Your Life

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