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Physical and spiritual healing is advancing at a mycelial rate as visionary plant medicines are engaged all across the planet. Remarkable evolutions in nutrition and diet are revolutionizing lives and strengthening our species. We are transitioning into new ways of being: energized, empowered, interconnected Lifeforms on newly vast, ever-growing landscapes.

Thankfully, and luckily – the energy, tools, materials, traditions, resources, research, test-runs, bio- assays, art, music, experiments, elements, food and medicine required to calm the crisis, cure the chaos, compost catastrophe, energize the body, vitalize community and heal the planet are available and waiting for you.

Immense potential exists now to exponentially enhance your individual health in mind, body and spirit; fortify and deepen your relationship with the natural world; unite with myriad mysteries, to birth, nourish and strengthen the most dynamic, diverse, vigorous, and thriving generations this planet has ever seen.

During four sessions Morgan Maher and guests will explore the connections between health, nutrition, sacred plants, food, diet, and herbalism - in context of our ecological crisis and planetary transition.

Session 1 - Guest Daniel Vitalis and Morgan discuss:
  • ReWild Your Body, ReWild Your Mind, Ancestral Nutrition for Increased Inner-Vision
  • Domesticated foods and domesticated people
  • Poison/Medicine/Drug - dose is everything
  • Our natural diet and the role of entheogenic organisms
  • Nootropics--the missing arm of herbalism/nutrition
  • Entheogenic deficiency, a world-wide epidemic 
  • Let Food Be Thy Medicine, a synthesis of nutrition and medicine
Session 2 - Guest Peter Gorman and Morgan discuss: 
  • The spirit world – alive all around us
  • The ayahuasca diet, perspectives on food and culture
  • Egg healers and frog venom, a trip through remote Amazonia
  • The coca leaf, the drug war, the way forward
  • Tribes, family, work and play--holding it all together
  • High Times & Low Roads: lessons and stories from three decades of visionary medicine
Session 3 - Guest Morgan Brent and Morgan discuss: 
  • How we learn from plants
  • Lessons from plant dietas, including imaginal hygiene
  • Pro-active health and spiritual evolution
  • Pro-active identity and the sylvapolitan
  • The human flowering response
  • The healing voice and sacred songs
Session 4 - Guest David Wolfe and Morgan discuss: 
  • The Plant Path and The Poison Path.
  • Entheogen Update: Where Are We Now.
  • The Importance of Growing Your Own Medicine.
  • Be Your Own Shaman (Grow It, Prepare It, Apply It, Ingest It)
  • Cacao Shamanism.
  • Nature-Based Spirituality and Wild Food.
Each recorded session is devoted to one-on-one conversations between Morgan and a featured guest, followed by a Q & A session. Participants from the audience were able to ask questions and offer their own comments and insights via live video, chat, text, or email. If you can watch a YouTube video, you can take part in this course.

Archived from April 2012

Recordings are in WebEx ARF and WRF formats and require the WebEx players. Get the WebEx WRF and ARF Players Here.

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Visionary Nutrition: Enhancing Your Health in a Psychedelic World Archive