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Cole Lopez, Founder of House of Magick
5:00 p.m. San Francisco • 8:00 p.m. New York
An Evolver Talk

♀ Fully drop into your body with plants so you can experience the celestial bodies within. ♀
The cycles of the moon pulse this planet along with all of its' inhabitants and induce varying energetic responses with each and every beat. The moon harnesses a magnetic radiance, an energy that can take us to our knees with feeling. The flood of the vibrations emitted take on the form of the astrological sign that is currently influencing the moon and those qualities begin to enliven the psyche.
Plants can be used to fully immerse ourselves in the sensory experience of these rotations. They provide a pathway to unite us with the shifting of the constellations as we attune to these energies. This act is an ode to the moon along with the astrological sign that is channeling her power.
In this class, we will be working with creating an herbal preparation as an offering to ourselves for each of the twelve new moon phases. This will be achieved by establishing an embodied resonance with the use of plant medicine.

In this class you will:
♀ Meet the archetypes of the twelve signs of the zodiac and the element that they incarnate.
♀ Receive twelve astrologically influenced herbal suggestions to vivify your New Moon experience.
♀ Learn about setting intentions in accordance with the New Moon sign and choosing a plant that glows it awake.
♀ Learn how to make basic herbal preparations.
♀ Connect to the spirit of the plants.

Cole Lopez lives in the elemental world of plants, crystals, oils and metals; drawing upon the spirit of nature and ancient magick. As founder of House of Magick, she brings a unique, cohesive blend of offerings. Her old world herbal remedies draw upon her lifelong kinship with plants, and her study of the wise woman healing tradition. As a metalsmith, she hand forges astrological amulets that are bound to powerful stones, planetary texts, flower essences, essential oils and Reiki blessings. She is a Reiki and esoteric healing practitioner and uses those attunements in all of her work. She also writes herbal articles for the WILD Woman Project that blend astrology and herbalism.
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Grounding the Sacred Rotation of the Cosmos into Plant Medicine