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with Raoul Martinez
Tuesday, September 17 • 8:00 p.m. New York, 5:00 p.m. Los Angeles 

See the compelling new documentary, and join an exclusive online discussion with the film's creators.

Do you shape the world or does the world shape you? Is freedom something we are born with or something we must work to attain? Offering a torrent of mind-expanding ideas and information, THE LOTTERY OF BIRTH is going to make you think again about what it means to be free.

Drawing on the best minds in philosophy, history, psychology, physics and economics -- including a stellar cast of interviewees from Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn and Vandana Shiva to Steven Pinker, Daniel Dennett and Tony Benn -- the film employs decades of evidence to interrogate what we are, where we are and where we want to be.

From birth onwards our minds are a battleground of competing forces. The outcome of this battle determines the society we create. This is a film about the cultural, educational, political and commercial forces that shape our identities, often in ways that limit both our personal and political freedom. Whether you are into philosophy, economics or simply being a better person than you were born to be, you can’t afford to miss this film.

THE LOTTERY OF BIRTH was nominated for Best Documentary at Raindance Film festival and won the Artivist Spirit award in LA. It was produced by

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In this live video discussion, writer/co-director Raoul Martinez will explore the provocative issues raised by the film, his experience making it, and his vision of the complete trilogy of films of which LOTTERY is the first part. This 60 minute webinar will start with a presentation by the directors, followed by a lively Q&A. You will be part of the conversation, asking your questions on camera, like on a Skype call.

Participants in this webinar receive a ticket to an online viewing of THE LOTTERY OF BIRTH, which you can view at any time from the moment of purchase until the live, online discussion on September 17.

About the Filmmaker

Raoul Martinez • Writer/Co-Director

Raoul Martinez is an artist, writer, and award-winning filmmaker. His portraits have been repeatedly selected for exhibition in London’'s National Portrait Gallery, and he has painted leading figures in the arts and academia including Noam Chomsky and HH Dalai Lama as well as a series of symbolic works. The Lottery of Birth, the first in a three-part series entitled 'Creating Freedom', is Raoul's first film. He conceived, wrote, and co-directed and produced the film, which went on to be nominated for Best Documentary at Raindance Film festival and win the Artivist Spirit award in LA. Raoul is currently finishing a book, also called 'Creating Freedom', which is set for international publication with Canongate in 2014.

At the age of seventeen Raoul left college to become an apprentice to an international portrait painter, and to study a syllabus of his own making with the aim of questioning his beliefs and the forces that had shaped him. A deep interest in philosophy soon broadened into a study of psychology, economics, politics and history, and ultimately evolved into the 'Creating Freedom' project.

Raoul lives and works in his studio in NW London.
Raoul speaks eloquently about THE LOTTERY OF BIRTH at this recent TEDx talk:  


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The Lottery of Birth: Director Q&A

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