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with Dabney Alix
Tuesday October 14

8:00 pm New York • 5:00 pm San Francisco
An Evolver Talk!

Many healers, artists and conscious entrepreneurs who are doing crucial transformative work struggle with how to market their services. In this live, interactive video session, we’ll show why marketing is actually a healthy and natural process, and give you actionable tools for growing your following and supporting a sustainable vision that is alignment with your higher self.

You will:
• Learn the top 3 keys to marketing with heart and attracting business without selling out
• Learn why so many conscious entrepreneurs and spiritual types struggle with marketing
• Discover how you can shift into a new paradigm for marketing that builds and serves community

Dabney Alix teaches healers and visionary leaders how to market with integrity and heart so that they can bring their creative ideas into reality, and can thrive financially.
Dabney is an award-winning speaker, healer, artist and creator of The Visionary Healers Global Revolution. Called the "Soulful Marketing Mentor,” she teaches healers, holistic practitioners and visionary leaders to create thriving and purposeful businesses through integrous marketing and total life alignment. Her work bridges worlds - combining a background in organizational and leadership development, business and marketing savvy, with shamanic and intuitive healing, bringing "spot on" business guidance to the core issues spiritual entrepreneurs face the most.
Dabney’s passion is best expressed in the following question, "What will the world look like when all of the healers, lightworkers and conscious evolutionaries are wealthy, and creating upon the earth to the fullest expression of their purpose, gifts and contribution?” She believes that this is not only possible, but inevitable, and she takes great joy in assisting her clients to find the most easeful path to their own version of success.

In this live webinar we will cover:
  •  What is soulful marketing and how does it relate to new paradigm economy?
  •  Why is it actually your social responsibility, as a visionary, to learn to market yourself?
  •  Why is niche so important, and how to use it effectively to grow your following?
  •  Why websites aren’t that important and where to better focus your energy
  •  The number 1 action you can take to attract clients & customers

A word from Dabney:
“I believe in helping my clients find their “Sweet Spot” in marketing. This is the place where authentic message and strategy come together in service to a specific group. It is through this clarifying process and owning this level of alignment – inner and outer – that doors open and ideas go viral.”

This Evolver Talk is offered free of charge!

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Marketing for Healers 101: Grow Your Business while Staying True to Yourself