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With David Metcalfe
2 Sessions


Discover how to make sacred geometry's elegant insights an essential part of your daily experience.

Sacred Geometry, the study of the integral patterns of existence, plays a central role in our understanding of the world and ourselves. We express the very heart of our experience through art, music and contemplation – all of which have the divine proportions and shapes of sacred geometry at their core. But the tenets of sacred geometry can be abstract and bafflingly esoteric. How do you turn this awareness into concrete actions to be applied in daily life? 
In this uniquely revealing course, David Metcalfe will ground you in the essential concepts of sacred geometry and share simple and practical ways to integrate this knowledge into your life.
  • Once understood, the forms of sacred geometry become apparent in everything around us.
  • This awareness will enhance your perception, leading to deeper inspiration and heightened creativity.
  • Meditations based on sacred geometry offer practical ways to visualize the essential forms so they resonate throughout your life.
The harmony of the universe is expressed in the mathematics of balance and form. Sacred geometry is present in the stars in the sky, the structures we build, the landscapes we encounter, even our own human bodies. The elemental forms – point, line, circle, triangle and square – are at the foundation of existence. The Golden Ratio, Pi, Phi, the Fibonacci Series, fractals, Squaring the Circle – these are only some examples of how the underlying mathematics of existence bring order and beauty to our experience. 
Throughout history, sacred geometry has been expressed in music, architecture, meditation, painting. Plato said that an understanding of sacred geometry is the necessary first step toward the study of metaphysics. It is central to Gothic Cathedrals, the Great Pyramid, and Stonehenge, and is expressed through a multitude of biological manifestations.
Reality Sandwich's David Metcalfe returns to Evolver Learning Lab following two popular sacred geometry courses that explored some of the field's most fascinating concepts. Now he is leading a 2-part video course that addresses the essential fundamentals of this ancient art.  In the first session you will discover the basics of signs and symbols, and acquire the tools necessary for identifying sacred geometry all around you. In the second session David shares timeless techniques for applying sacred geometry in your art, music and all creative endeavors.
In both sessions, David leads guided meditations based on sacred geometry to help you integrate this awareness into your daily experience through visualization and listening techniques.
In this course you will:
  • Discover how to apply sacred geometry to any field of practice, be it art, architecture, web design, musical composition, event design and more.
  • Realize the five elemental forms are expressed in sacred geometry and how these expressions can be applied to our daily lives.
  • Develop a deeper listening experience, opening up the harmony of the world around us.
  • Discover practical techniques for bridging science and spirit.
  • Access visionary landscapes in everyday life.
These sessions will be filled with provocative information, clear instruction, and practical advice. Where else could you find an in-depth exploration of sacred geometry devoted to its practical application in your life?





Session One - Understanding the Basic Elements  

In this session David presents the elemental forms expressed in Sacred Geometry. Through developing a basic understanding of the traditional five elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Space) and learning the traditional signs of their expression (point, line, circle, square and triangle) you will gain a deeper understanding of how our conscious experience integrates with the world around us. 
  • Learn simple visualization techniques that can lead to a more integral vision of existence. 
  • Understand how the traditional 5 elements can be used to develop a whole new level of connection to the world around you.  
  • Discover how to bridge the 5 senses for an integral experience that goes beyond the illusion of separation created by habit. 

Session Two - Accessing the Inner Order

In this session David provides further insights into how the 5 elements can be brought to bear on everyday life. Delving into the creative arts you will see examples of how this understanding has provided a starting point for some of the most profound expressions of human experience throughout history.
You will gain a better understanding for how these same concepts can enhance your life through simple visionary techniques and experiments that open the veil of Nature to reveal secrets "hidden in plain sight."
  • How have these ideas been used by artists throughout history to develop more intimate connections with existential experience. 
  • What can you do to integrate these techniques into your own life to create a visionary living experience no matter where you are at. 
  • Investigate examples developed by contemporary artists, such as William S. Burroughs, Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance, Current 93, Comets on Fire), micro-sound pioneer Kim Cascone, Michael Gira (The Swans, Angels of Light), and others to gain insight into how these traditional ideas can be applied today. 


David is a researcher, writer and multimedia artist focusing on the interstices of art, culture, and consciousness. He is a contributing editor for Reality Sandwich, The Revealer (the online journal of NYU’s Center for Religion and Media), and The Daily Grail. He writes regularly for Evolutionary Landscapes, Alarm Magazine, Modern Mythology,, and the Teeming Brain. His writing has been featured in The Immanence of Myth (Weaponized 2011), Chromatic: The Crossroads of Color & Music (Alarm Press, 2011) and Exploring the Edge Realms of Consciousness (Evolver Editions/North Atlantic Books, 2012). David is an Associate with Phoenix Rising Digital Academy, and is currently co-hosting The Art of Transformations study group with support from the International Alchemy Guild.
In collaboration with Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut, Chair of Catholic Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University and Liminal Analytics, David's most recent efforts have been focused on studying the growing devotional tradition associated with Santa Muerte (Saint Death) in the Americas. 
Over the past year, under the auspices of The Message, David has been developing contemplative sonic environments utlizing 'subtle listening' techniques developed by microsound pioneer Kim Cascone.


By participating in this online course, you will receive:
  • 2 ninety-minute live video seminars with David Metcalfe on recorded on November 18 and 25 of 2015.
  • A 100 page accompanying Sacred Geo course booklet.
  • Unlimited online access to recordings of both seminars


Explore how the insights of sacred geometry can deepen your everyday experience and create new avenues of creativity in all you do! 


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Sacred Geometry Applied: A Practical Approach to the Harmonies of Light, Sound, and Vision

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