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September 18- Ecuadorian Quechua
Host: Izthak Beery
5:00 p.m. San Francisco, 8:00 p.m. New York


Shamanism has been practiced in all cultures since the beginning of time. It provides a way of perceiving the seen and unseen worlds with all of our physical senses. Through the use of herbs and minerals, the focusing of energy, and communion with spirits, human beings in ancient times developed powerful, sophisticated healing systems that continue to be used today.
In this fourth session, Itzhak Beery -- who is an initiate in the Quechua, the High Andes Ecuadorian lineage -- will discuss the shamanic perspective of Soul Purpose, Reincarnation, and Life Lessons. He will lead you on a shamanic journey, accompanied by drumming, to enter into a higher level of consciousness, and offer a range of processes which will help you to retrieve important knowledge and comprehend your life purpose. These processes will give you a clear road map. They will also inspire you and empower you to take action to change your life. These are techniques that you can practice at home and share with others.



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