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Adriana Ayales
Tuesday, May 27 
5:00 San Francisco 
 8:00 New York

An Evolver Talk


How herbs can enhance your dream life and help you get lucid.

Since ancient times, herbs have been used by civilizations across the globe to inspire divination. Oracles, shamans, sacred scientists and meditators have used herbs to access the deepest parts of the psyche. One particular group of power herbs shares a chemistry that naturally tones our nervous system, pulsates the hypothalamus and encourages a deep state of restorative relaxation -- the physical pillars for Lucid Dreaming.

This class will introduce you to a bedtime ritual that you can cultivate to enhance the most nourishing sleep, while inviting in the most prophetic dreams. Herbs are wonderful catalysts for summoning insightful and transformative experiences in the dream state. Lucid Dreaming is not only healthy for your mind and body, it is an awakening technique that supports the natural alignment of your soul.

In this class you will:

· Learn basic tools and exercises to activate Lucid Dreaming.
· Discover how to create a home pharmacy to support your bedtime ritual to evoke dreams.
· Uncover the history behind dream herbs and what they share in common.
· See how Lucid Dreaming practices activate telepathy and sharpen intuition.
· Discover how Lucid Dreaming can prevent illness and imbalances in your physical and astral bodies.

In this live, interactive video session, you will learn basic and advanced techniques for working with herbs to enhance Lucid Dreaming practices. You will be part of the discussion, able to ask your questions on camera, just like a Skype call. If you happen to miss it live, you can view a video recording at any time.


Adriana Ayales is a rainforest herbalist from Costa Rica. Since a young age she has dedicated herself to understanding the relationship between plants and people. She comes from two main lineages -- Costa Rican and Lebanese -- that share an intimate healing path with herbs and other forms of healing.
Adriana's background integrates the understanding and application of herbs from both Central and South American tribal styles, as well as classic Western and European styles of botanical alchemy. She founded Anima Mundi Herbals as a way to bring justice to the rainforest lands, as well as reviving the hidden wisdom of ancient botany. Anima Mundi is a handcrafted pharmacy with an eclectic variety of biodynamic, organic and wildcrafted remedies.

This Evolver Talk is offered at no charge!

Attendees will receive a coupon for a 20% discount on any Anima Mundi Herbals product featured in the Evolver Apothecary, or any product in the Evolver Apothecary.

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