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Host: Dennis McKenna
5 Sessions, starts June 17

Discover how to apply insights from the emerging "intelligent nature" paradigm to your life with the field's leading pioneers. 

What can you learn from the brilliance of nature? A new paradigm is emerging that recasts how we relate to and understand nature, supported by new scientific evidence. Plants instruct us through their behavior, through their interdependence with the environment, and through direct transmissions conveyed by spirit. As we grow more sensitive to the ways plants communicate with us, we encounter the depth of their wisdom, and become more capable of receiving the many kinds of healing they have to offer.
  • Discover ways to be attentive to plant wisdom and how to apply it to your life.
  • See how the vibrant behavior of plants challenges society’s materialist, mechanistic beliefs.
  • Hear the latest scientific research — which will change how you think of plants forever.

Masao Mutoh

Recognize how the beauty, intricacy and sentience of plants can be a guide to your own awakening and transformation. 
A decade ago, the notion that plants respond to their environment in ways that look like conscious behavior, or at least reflect “intelligence,” would be dismissed as fringe. But today this approach is supported by solid science, and that changed perception is transforming how we understand and relate to all of Nature. 
Legendary ethnopharmacologist Dennis McKenna has dedicated his life to exploring the intelligence of plants. He recognizes that the healing potential of plants is far greater than our materialist society acknowledges. In this unique live, interactive video course, Dennis will share with you the many ways we can learn from plants, and the wide range of wisdom they make available to us. 
He has invited some of the leading experts in the emerging field of plant intelligence to help you understand, integrate and learn to use the most recent research from this exciting field. They include: 

Chris Kilham - Author and educator, Chris is the FOX News Medicine Hunter, is on the Medical Advisory Board of the Dr. Oz Show, and is Explorer in Residence for Naturex, conducting medicinal plant research for the largest botanical extraction company in the world.

Stephen Harrod Buhner - Senior researcher for the Foundation for Gaian Studies, he is the award-winning author of 19 books, including, most recently, Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm.

Tony Wright -  Co-author of the underground sensation, Left in the Dark, now being released in a revised edition as Return to the Brain of Eden: Restoring the Connection between Neurochemistry and Consciousness.

Dayna Baumeister - Co-founder and Keystone of Biomimicry 3.8 and The Biomimicry Institute. 

Simon G. Powell - Author of The Psilocybin Solution and Darwin’s Unfinished Business: The Self-Organizing Intelligence of Nature

Jack Mallon

You will be part of the discussion, able to ask your questions on camera, just like a Skype call. If you happen to miss a live session, you can view a video recording at any time. These sessions will be filled with provocative information, honest testimonials, and practical advice from some of the thinkers, writers, and doers at the leading edge of this new, emerging paradigm of reality.
You will learn: 
  • How your diet can bring you closer to the subtle intelligence of plants
  • Why Nature teaches us that collaboration is more important than competition
  • The latest scientific findings that have redefined our understanding of how plants “think”
  • How shamans pay attention in order to understand the language of plants
  • Ways that plants offer direct examples of practical solutions for architects, engineers, artists, among many other professions
  • How understanding the intrinsic intelligence of Nature leads us to a greater appreciation of our own spiritual capabilities. 
Over 5 sessions, Dennis and his guests will explore how a new paradigm in plant science is revolutionizing our fundamental sense of what it means to be human. Learn from this diverse group of international experts how understanding the intelligence of Nature opens the path to new levels of physical, emotional and spiritual healing. 

Steven Taschuk


Tuesday, June 17 - The Shamanic Perspective

Guest: Chris Kilham 

8:00 New York • 5:00 San Francisco
In our first session, Dennis is joined by the FOX News Medicine Hunter, Chris Kilham, for a freewheeling discussion about intelligence in Nature from a shamanic perspective. Indigenous shamans from across the world claim that plants provide them with access to information about themselves, and to entities from other dimensions. Dennis and Chris will share their own experiences in this realm, and discuss how it is possible to glean information about a plant’s medicinal properties by learning the language of plants — which can be understood as much through scientific methods as shamanic ones. 

Chris Kilham is a medicine hunter, author and educator. The founder of Medicine Hunter Inc., Chris has conducted medicinal research in over 30 countries. Chris appears on FOX News Health, on both TV and online, writes a weekly FOX News Health Column and is on the Medical Advisory Board of The Dr. Oz Show. As Explorer in Residence for Naturex of Avignon, France, Chris conducts medicinal plant research for the largest botanical extraction company in the world.
Chris is the author of fourteen books, including Hot Plants, The Five Tibetans, Psyche Delicacies, Tales from the Medicine Trail and Kava, Medicine Hunting in Paradise. Richard Branson features Chris in his new book, Screw Business as Usual. His new book, Ayahuasca Test Pilots, is due this Fall. 

Thursday, June 19 - Biomimcry 

Guest: Dayna Baumeister

8:00 New York • 5:00 San Francisco
Nature is not only brilliantly inventive, it is esthetically elegant and extremely efficient. Throughout Nature we find inspiring design solutions to challenging problems, and these solutions provide us with models that are ingenious, and in harmony with the intrinsic intelligence of Nature. Biomimcry is a new discipline that studies nature's best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems. Studying a leaf to invent a better solar cell is an example. In our second session, Dennis will explore the practical applications of Biomimcry in daily life with one of the world’s top experts in the field, Dayna Baumeister.

Dr. Dayna Baumeister has worked in the field of biomimicry since 1998 as a business catalyst, educator, researcher, and design consultant. She co-founded the Biomimicry Guild consulting practice, The Biomimicry Institute 501c3, and most recently, Biomimicry3.8, a B-Corp social enterprise that trains, certifies, and connects biomimicry professionals worldwide. In her role as Biologist at the Design Table, Dayna helped more than 100 companies consult the natural world for elegant and sustainable design solutions, including Nike, Interface, General Mills, Boeing, Herman-Miller, Kohler, Seventh Generation and Procter & Gamble. 
In 2008, Dayna designed and taught the world’s first Biomimicry Professional Certification Program. As senior editor, Dayna compiled a decade of experience in biomimicry into a practical how-to guide: Biomimicry Resource Handbook: A Seed Bank of Knowledge and Best Practices (2011).

Tuesday, June 24 - Learning from Altruism in Nature

Guest: Simon G. Powell

8:00 New York • 5:00 San Francisco
In our third session we’ll explore collaboration and altruism in Nature as a model for human behavior. Scientists have long viewed Nature as inherently competitive, but the emerging paradigm recognizes that cooperation is more important than competition. In fact, Nature is deeply nurturing, putting systems in place that optimize life, to ensure that life will endure. Altruism is an intrinsic aspect of natural intelligence. The critical challenge of our age is how to recognize that we are not in control of Nature, but rather that we must nurture Nature by following examples available to us throughout the ecosystem. This shift must happen within each of us for it to take hold across society. 

Photo by Nicolas De Jesus
Simon G. Powell is the author of The Psilocybin Solution and Darwin’s Unfinished Business: The Self-Organizing Intelligence of Nature. He also wrote, directed and presented the documentary films Manna and Metanoia. He was recently a keynote presenter at the BioEthics Forum 2014 held in Madison where he spoke about the 'natural intelligence paradigm'. His latest book, Magic Mushroom Explorer: Psilocybin and the Awakening Earth, is due to be published in January 2015. The idea that life is an evolving intelligence is a prominent theme in all his work.

r. nial. bradshaw

Tuesday, July 1 - Plants, Neurochemistry and Consciousness

Guest: Tony Wright

8:00 New York • 5:00 San Francisco
In the fourth session, Dennis will talk with Tony Wright about his provocative theory of human and plant interdependence. Over a period of a million years the human brain expanded at an increasingly rapid rate, and then, 200,000 years ago, the expansion abruptly stopped when human’s moved away from a diet primarily consisting of the hormone-rich sex organs of plants -- fruit -- containing a highly complex biochemical cocktail evolved to influence DNA transcription, rapid brain development, and elevated neural and pineal gland activity. 
Supported by 20 years of research, Wright suggests that the loss of our symbiotic fruit-based diet led to a progressive neurodegenerative condition characterized by aggressive behaviors, a fearful perception of the world, and the suppression of higher artistic, mathematical, and spiritual abilities. The halt in brain expansion explains not only recently uncovered anomalies within the human brain but also the global traditions of an earthly paradise lost and of humanity’s degeneration from our original state of perpetual wonder and joy. Tony will discuss a strategy of raw foods, tantric sexuality, shamanic practices, and entheogens to reverse our mental degeneration and restore our advanced abilities. 

Tony Wright is a consciousness researcher who studied horticulture and plant biochemistry at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. His book, Left in the Dark, written with Graham Gynn, has attracted a large following, and is being revised and reissued under the title Return to the Brain of Eden: Restoring the Connection between Neurochemistry and Consciousness.

Tuesday July 8 - Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm 

Guest: Stephen Harrod Buhner

8:00 New York • 5:00 San Francisco
In the final session, Dennis will explore what it means to truly listen to plants with Stephen Harrod Buhner. How can you open your sensory gateways to the subtle messages that plants send you? Becoming attentive to the intelligence and language of plants requires analogical thinking and imaginal perception, capabilities that all of us can develop; it’s as natural as breathing, as the beating of our own hearts. We can change how we think and in so doing begin to address the difficulties of our times. 

Stephen Harrod Buhner is the senior researcher for the Foundation for Gaian Studies. Described as both an Earth Poet and a Bardic Naturalist, he is the award-winning author of 19 books, including The Lost Language of PlantsThe Secret Teaching of Plants, and Sacred Plant Medicine. His latest book, Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm, has just been released. 

* * * 


Dennis McKenna is an ethnopharmacologist who has studied plant medicines for over 40 years. He is the author of many scientific papers and co-author, his brother Terence McKenna, of The Invisible Landscape, and Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Grower’s Guide. He holds a doctorate from the University of British Columbia, where his research focused on ayahuasca and oo-koo-he, two hallucinogens used by indigenous people in the Northwest Amazon. He received postdoctoral research fellowships in the Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology at the National Institute of Mental Health, and in the Department of Neurology, Stanford University School of Medicine.

In 1993 he became Aveda Corporation’s Senior Research Pharmacognosist. He is a founding board member of the Heffter Research Institute, a nonprofit organization focused on investigation of the potential therapeutic uses of psychedelic medicines. His most recent book is The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss: My Life with Terence McKenna.

By participating in this online course, you will receive:
  • Five 60-minute live video seminars with Dennis McKenna and his guests on June 17, 19, and 24, and July 1 and 8.
  • 30 minutes of question and answer time following each seminar
  • Unlimited online access to recordings of all sessions

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Take part in this unique opportunity to discover the profound effect that plant intelligence can have on your life!

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What Plants Can Teach You: Consciousness and Intelligence in Nature

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